Thair Credit: Erik M. Kommer

As the singer for local R&B band Astro Samurai, Thair has shown he has the fresh skills and magnetic allure to hypnotize a crowd. That serves him well in his solo project, in which he makes huge, colorful collage pop. Thair’s self-released 2018 debut EP, Summer Luhh, has a rough-hewn DIY charm; its lo-fi electronic clacks and occasionally chintzy synth tones help make his loftiest ideas feel closer to earth. The clap-happy “Thotty Dysmorphia” demonstrates Thair’s ability to build big club tracks with layers of unpolished raw material, while the slyly sumptuous “Handle Me” spotlights his impressive vocal range. Though Thair can already do a lot with a little, I imagine what he’s accomplished on Summer Luhh will open him up to spaces where he can expand his palette.   v