6lack Credit: The Come Up Show

Atlanta R&B singer 6lack is emerging as a voice capable of making everyone and everything around him look and sound better. What’s interesting about his breakout single, “Prblms,” is basically everything but his singing—the song’s glistening instrumental, its midnight-hour atmosphere, the 700-pound grizzly bear relaxing in the video. But in our age of curation, 6lack (pronounced “black”) has proved that carefully creating a vibe is as crucial as having a voice that draws people in. Though he sounds relatively anonymous on his 2016 debut, Free 6lack (Interscope/LVRN)—or worse, barely present—he’s a singer whose easygoing coo artfully blends with its surroundings to inform a musical environment rather than claw away at the hippocampus. And as Spotify continues to build playlists for moods, 6lack may have found the key to making himself more crucial to contemporary music than some of his performances might suggest.   v