Cole's doesn't look a year over four. Credit: Rosario Zavala

Cole’s in Logan Square will celebrate its sixth anniversary on Sat 8/1 with sets from a slew of bands that feature the bar’s employees, including Lil Tits, the Bionic Cavemen, and Bolthorn, plus owner Coleman Brice, who’ll be “forcing all attendees to listen to his gospel music song cycle.” Let’s hope it’s worthy of praise! Proceeds will go to Carrefour Collaborative, a nonprofit that helps marginalized artists from Haiti bring their work to new audiences around the world.

Gossip Wolf hasn’t heard from local electro-rock outfit the Firebird Band in a minute—well, a long minute. The group’s previous full-length, The City at Night, came out in 2004, and besides a trickle of EPs, the band hasn’t had an album in the pipeline since. That’s about to change; founder Chris Broach (of emo heavy hitters Braid) has gotten the group back together and is readying a brand-new LP! The problem now is finding the funds to record with Pennsylvania punk producer Will Yip, press the LP, and self-release it. The band launched a Kickstarter asking for $15,000 by Sun 8/9. There are some sweet rewards, including a private show; go to for more info.

Royal Pines singer and guitarist Joe Patt tells Gossip Wolf that the band’s Sat 8/8 gig at the Mutiny, a celebration of the release of a new digital-only LP entitled Dead Last, will also be the group’s final show. According to Patt, the Pines’ 2005 debut at the Mutiny was as a “one-off replacement band . . . that ended up lasting ten years.” Now that’s some serious synchronicity! This wolf is definitely glad Royal Pines spent the decade cranking out such quality country-tinged grunge rock. Nab Dead Last for free from their Bandcamp and hear for yourself. They’ll go out in style, with appearances from several former members and support from openers (and RP pals) Tijuana Hercules, the Columbines, Gay Name, and more.

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