Eneferens Credit: Todd Farnham

In 2018, Jori Apedaile moved his one-man atmospheric metal project, Eneferens, to Minneapolis from Montana, and he’ll soon be moving back. But for what he lost in isolation and scenic landscapes during his time in Minnesota, he gained in solidifying his sound. Last fall he released his third album under the Eneferens name, The Bleakness of Our Constant (Nordvis), whose nearly nine-minute “Weight of the Mind’s Periapt” summons its dreamy clean vocals and ethereal harmonies from within a maelstrom of growls and riffs, leaving the album’s title phrase floating in the ether and fading into the oceanic intro of “11:34.” It’s a gorgeous, meditative record that holds back on raw power to reveal a sweeter albeit no less heavy type of metal. If you do want some raw power, though, make sure to get to Reggies’ in time to catch local band Vukari, who’ve dropped a couple demo tracks from their forthcoming full-length, Aevum (Vendetta), that feel like spiraling swirls of howling majesty from the void.   v