Damon Locks performing in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2009 Credit: Paulo Borgia

If there’s anything Eternals front man Damon Locks isn’t good at, Gossip Wolf doesn’t know about it—dude is not only a great musician but also a fine visual artist, a fun dancer, an inspiring teaching artist, and a dependable dance-floor DJ! On Friday, November 10, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, he’ll craft a “sound essay” titled Right On, Be Free as part of the evolving installation Open 24 Hours by Chicago artist Edra Soto. According to Locks, Right On, Be Free will “describe the American black experience through music across genres. It may sound a bit more sound collage-y, but you will still be able to enjoy the songs. I may incorporate samplers and drum machines too.” The event is free with museum admission.

Gossip Wolf dare not call it conspiracy, but on Saturday, November 11, local supergroup Masonic Wave make their live debut, opening for Cherubs at the Empty Bottle (along with Sweet Cobra and Rash). The band’s members all have long pedigrees in Chicago rock: vocalist Bruce Lamont (Bloodiest, Yakuza), bassist Arman Mabry (Rabid Rabbit, Buckingham Palace SVU), baritone guitarist Scott Spidale (My Cold Dead Hand), guitarist Sean Hulet (the Reputation), and drummer Clayton DeMuth (Sybris). Mabry says the band “blends elements of 90s noise and postrock with shoegaze. Things tend to get pretty heavy.” Let’s hope they take that heaviness to the 33rd degree!

Over the past couple years, Gossip Wolf has watched troubadour Deanna Belos, aka Sincere Engineer, rise through the ranks of the Chicago punk scene. Last month independent local punk label Red Scare Industries released her debut full-length, Rhombithian, where she builds on her nervy acoustic sound with a full band. Belos usually plays solo, but she’s rounded up some friends to back her for Sincere Engineer’s belated record-release show at Township on Friday, November 10; the Brokedowns, the Usuals, and Two Houses open.  v

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