Kenge Kenge

Evanston’s Ethnic Arts Festival celebrates its 25th anniversary in Dawes Park (1700 N. Sheridan) on Sat 7/17 and Sun 7/18 from noon till 7 PM. The organizers’ claim that “every continent is represented in song, dance, spoken word, visual arts and food” seems a tad grandiose (Antarctica, anybody?), but this free fest is nonetheless admirably eclectic. The Central Stage bookings are especially good: Saturday’s highlights are Red Baraat, Los Vicios de Papa, and Tatsu Aoki’s Miyumi Project, and Sunday’s include Grupo Rebolu and Kenge Kenge, who also play Evanston’s SPACE (1245 Chicago) that night at 8 PM. Among the attractions on the Family Stage are a puppet show from the Von Orthal Puppets (Sat 7/17, 6 PM) and a dance workshop by the West Indian Folk Dance Company (Sun 7/18, 4:45 PM). Other amenities include local food vendors and arts and crafts activities like maraca making, organic sculpture, and mehndi skin decoration. For more info, call 847-448-8260 or visit