Huntsmen Credit: Aaron Ehinger

Founded in 2013, blog and Web network Doomed & Stoned has blossomed into a worldwide endeavor with a podcast, a quarterly Bandcamp compilation, and an emphasis on using local reporting to help build up individual scenes. Its laser-sharp focus has helped: the Doomed & Stoned musical aesthetic follows the post-Sabbath school of doom, drone, heavy psych, and stoner metal. Even within those strict parameters this three-day blast—which features more than 20 bands, a DJ, and a Sunday brunch—showcases sonic diversity in the genre while highlighting some of Chicago’s strongest practitioners of meditative gut churns and heavy riffs. The Skull, Pale Horseman, Scientist, and Faces of the Bog are among the local luminaries holding down (way, way down) the fort, along with hard rockers Black Road, Americana folk-metal storytellers Huntsmen, crust-punk sludgesters Of Wolves, and avant-garde metallic free-jazz trio Brain Tentacles. There are also plenty of touring bands that will sonically slam you up against the wall, including Atlanta’s Whores., Richmond’s Inter Arma, Greenville’s Waft, and Philadelphia’s Age of Truth. It’s an embarrassment of riches, and you’re going to be on sensory overload. But if this is the music you love, then that’s what you’re here for.   v