Canal Irreal Credit: Courtesy of MP Shows

Last May, Chicago band Canal Irreal announced their existence by releasing their first single, “Si Somos,” an explosive mix of postpunk and hardcore that combines jagged riffs and propulsive guitar lines with narrative lyrics about society’s rejection of and refusal to deal with the very issues it creates. Sung in Spanish from a first-person perspective, it’s a thunderbolt of an introduction to a group who need little introduction in their hometown—all the members are mainstays of the Chicago south-side hardcore scene with decades of service under their belts. Keen ears will recognize the trademark tortured vocals of Martin Sorrondeguy, who’s well-known for his time as the vocalist of seminal hardcore bands Limp Wrist and Los Crudos and remains a constant presence in the city’s DIY punk scene (he often documents the experience with his camera). In Canal Irreal, Sorrondeguy is backed by members of underappreciated Chicago hardcore/thrash band Sin Orden. His relationship with Sin Orden goes back to the start of the century; in 2000 he released their first EP on his Lengua Armada label. Canal Irreal haven’t put out any new material since “Si Somos,” but they’ve been gigging around town since they made their live debut last summer—with any luck they’ll follow up their single’s two minutes of taut fury with another record soon.   v