Daniel Wyche Credit: Tom Tian

Composer and guitarist Daniel Wyche has long been a vital figure in Chicago’s experimental music scene, most notably at Elastic Arts, where he’s curated, produced, and organized concerts since 2013. His upcoming show at the Logan Square venue, where he’ll perform alongside frequent collaborator and fellow guitarist Mark Shippy, celebrates his 40th birthday and his completion of a PhD at the University of Chicago. Wyche speaks admiringly about Shippy, an exploratory musician best known for his work with Chicago bands U.S. Maple and Invisible Things, saying that he considers their collaborations “as weird and as thrilling as making music can possibly be.” As a trio with drummer Ben Billington, they’ve put out a couple records: a 2017 self-titled album and last year’s The Eventual Warp Cat. Both releases are caustic, impassioned slabs of blues-inflected free jazz and noise marked by a palpable physicality. Everything Wyche performs with Shippy and Billington is improvised, with a clear and thoughtful interplay and sense of pacing that helps sustain its energy. “Norvin’s Fandled Submersible,” from their first record, has a cryptic atmosphere that patiently unravels into a cacophonous but meditative freak-out, while “Unexpected Shapes” (off The Eventual Warp Cat) is a monumental wall of sound whose persistent vortex of noise carries a psychedelic edge. Billington won’t be present for this show, but Wyche and Shippy’s dueling guitars can transmit enough thrilling energy on their own. “Even if we try to make a plan for a general vibe, we usually don’t follow it,” Wyche says. In other words: expect a wild ride.   v