On March 22, 2022—what would’ve been Fred Anderson’s 93rd birthday—Experimental Sound Studio and its Creative Audio Archive announced the acquisition of a collection devoted to the beloved Chicago saxophonist, venue owner, scene anchor, and mentor. The CAA describes itself as “formed for the historical preservation of recordings, print, and visual ephemera related to avant-garde and exploratory sound and music,” and its materials also include the archives of performance space Link’s Hall, audio and visual work from Sun Ra and El Saturn Records, and the massive trove of live recordings made by Malachi Ritscher before his suicide in 2006. 

Anderson, who died in 2010, cofounded the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, ran storied south-side jazz club the Velvet Lounge, and released dozens of acclaimed recordings. He’s remembered for his fearless musicianship and bottomless generosity, which helped turn his clubs into incubators for adventurous musicians. The Anderson archive already holds materials donated by a longtime friend of Anderson’s, Velvet Lounge volunteer Andy Pierce, and by Sharon Friedman, Anderson’s partner in his first club, the Birdhouse; it will soon include photographs from Lauren Deutsch, former executive director of the Jazz Institute of Chicago. The contents of the collection—videotapes, cassettes, posters, newspaper clippings, flyers—can be searched at the CAA website.

Fred Anderson performs at the Velvet Lounge in 1998 with reedist Ken Vandermark, bassist Peter Kowald, and drummer Hamid Drake. This footage was shot by Malachi Ritscher.

Despite their name, Gossip Wolf finds local duo the Ineffectuals to be quite effective! On their new record, Tempered Expectations, which dropped a few weeks ago on Bandcamp, synth maven Tim Nordberg and genre-bending producer Jeremiah Meece blast out bracing jams and squelchy bops that mix Juan Atkins-esque electro beats and pleasingly garbled vocal samples that would’ve sounded at home on 1980s Wax Trax! releases.

Tempered Expectations, in the works since 2020, is the first Ineffectuals release.

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