Wume Credit: Kevin Blackistone

The debut full-length album of exploratory Baltimore duo Wume, 2015’s Maintain (Ehse), only sparingly features lyrics, and live the duo of drummer-vocalist April Camlin and keyboardist Albert Schatz generally lock into writhing Teutonic rhythms as compatible with twitchy electronica as with kosmische. But on their new album, Towards the Shadow (Northern Spy), the group edge toward embracing lyrical finery, making Camlin’s voice the focal point of the compositions. Like the songs on its predecessor, the tunes here ring out and ricochet with percussive persistence, but Camlin seems to grab the mike more frequently, or at least with more command. On “Functionary,” she gets into a discussion of labor theory, pulling concepts from the Frankfurt school, while Schatz’s sparse, shuddering electronics click away in the background. On the following track, “Shadow,” her soft croons tether the song to 80s electro-pop. But the duo’s juddering “Ravel” connects Shadow to Maintain, where songs such as “We Go Further” and “Voyager” brim with similar polyrhythmic dexterity. On this newer effort, Wume once again engage Krautrock tropes established on Ralf and Florian, but this time around they invigorate the template with some seriously sturdy melodies.   v