The compilation Alone in Logan on Christmas Eve includes a song called "Dumpster Holiday."

If like Gossip Wolf you’re a dedicated hater of Christmas music, this time of year can be an endless waking nightmare. Every public space is blanketed in treacly tunes celebrating fake holiday warmth. Bah! Humbug! Local label Eye Vybe Records has the right idea: its new cassette compilation, Alone in Logan on Christmas Eve, is refreshingly frank about how grim and miserable this supposedly merry season can be. The album’s eight acts include honky-tonkers Cat Mullins & Them Boys (who contribute the steel-guitar-saturated “Lonely Holiday”) and pop polymath Magic Ian (with the hilariously deadpan anti-gift-giving screed “Digital Friends”). Beginning Monday, December 23, you can buy a copy at Cafe Mustache, Bric-a-Brac, the Burlington, and the Chicago Diner (as well as via Eye Vybe’s Bandcamp). Proceeds benefit Molasses Chicago, a Black and Brown trans and nonbinary collective that hosts an awesome monthly party at Berlin.

Three years ago, FeelTrip Records owners David Beltran and Diana Bowden launched a monthly Slippery Slope party called Reptilian Traxx. Now they want to focus on the label and their record store, No Requests, so the final Reptilian Traxx is Thursday, December 19. Music includes DJ sets from Beltran (aka DYB), Bowden (DJ Hii), Druid Beat, and legendary house producer Steve Poindexter; the event also includes a pop-up record store where a portion of the vinyl is pay-what-you-want!

  • The 1989 Steve Poindexter single “Work That Mutha Fucker”

Logan Square arts hub Comfort Station is one of the city’s coziest venues. It brings together talented artists and musicians throughout the year, but it doesn’t charge you so much as a thin dime to see them. You can return the favor by springing for a $50 ticket to Comfort Station’s first Holiday Concert Benefit on Thursday, December 19, which will help fund many of next year’s shows. The lineup is an absolute doozy and well worth it: Angel Bat Dawid, Bill MacKay, and headliners Ohmme.  v

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