Cardinals Folly Credit: Jani Jäppinen

This murky, heavy, hairy Finnish trio are a known quantity on every outing, and on their fourth full-length, Deranged Pagan Sons (released last year on Nine), they continue with their reliable formula of weaving the heavy, groovy riffage of a Sabbath and Pentagram pedigree through a distinct homeland sensibility pioneered by their forebears, Reverend Bizarre. Cardinals Folly builds steady and reliable structures from a familiar toolbox: clean vocals (with growl eruptions), tempo shifts, and an aesthetic rooted in sword-and-sorcery and pulp-fiction paganism. “Worship Her Fire” gets things off to a rollicking start, but the album jells best in its final two tracks, the brooding “I Belong in the Woods” and the eight-and-a-half-minute “Secret of the Runes,” which hints at something more expansive and adventurous yet to come. A split with Lucifer’s Fall is the next project on the horizon for Cardinals Folly, so watch out for some new tracks.   v