Dominic Fike Credit: Daniel Prakopcyk

Last year Florida rapper Dominic Fike landed a multimillion-dollar deal with Columbia Records on the strength of a string of songs totaling just shy of 15 minutes. The label wasn’t wrong to see Fike as a Soundcloud-rap star in the making: his music is about as transgressive as jaywalking, but his tracks are great at worming their way into your head. Columbia reissued that material in October as Fike’s debut EP, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos, which includes the runaway single “3 Nights.” Powered by a taut, summery guitar riff, percussion with just a whiff of hip-hop, and easygoing sing-rapping that’s more Jack Johnson than Juice Wrld, the song’s oh-so-catchy hook can make you hate yourself for loving it. But if you love it, you’ve got plenty of company: “3 Nights” has accumulated more than 200 million plays on Spotify alone. Fike’s lackadaisical performances err on the side of restraint, so that he comes off as mostly interested in complementing (if not disappearing into) the chill mood of his beach-bro instrumentals. Of the few singles he’s dropped this year, July’s “Phone Numbers” comes closest to recapturing the lightning-in-a-bottle magic of “3 Nights,” with Fike unloading the most animated raps of his young career.   v