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Born in Chicago as the faster (and weirder) cousin of juke, footwork music is going global with help from a new compilation dropping this week on Planet Mu, the label run by µ-Ziq frontdude and British dance-music visionary Mike Paradinas. Bangs & Works Vol. 1 features a whopping 25 tracks from a host of local producers, including established acts like DJ Spinn and Traxman and newcomers Tha Pope and DJ Lil Rome. The comp has the feel of a defining moment for the genre, and it includes liner notes from local footwork enthusiast and blogger Dave Quam, who’s been on the scene for years.

Hard-pressed to find a gift for a music-nerd friend who only harks to the most underground, elusive, and exclusive sounds? Antiopic, the microlabel of local guitarist David Daniell, is having an online sale through the end of the year. The many discounted goodies available via include Vladislav Delay‘s pretechno work as Conoco, MINIT‘s CC/BB—described as “deep-filter reverberant explosion-emanence” [sic]—and an album of recordings of satellites made by Dutch “intermedia” artist Joyce Hinterding using special antennae. “Special antennae,” sadly, is not a euphemism.

Tiger Bones just mastered their forthcoming EP, Go Over Here, with Carl Saff. The Bones tell Gossip Wolf they plan to release it themselves around the first of the year, and they’re starting a label, Dedd Foxx, for that purpose; they also plan to put out non-Tiger Bones material. Come summertime the band will follow up the EP with their as-yet-untitled debut full-length, which they just finished recording with Neil Weir at the Old Blackberry Way in Minneapolis—the studio best known as the spot where the Replacements put Let It Be to tape.

Christa Meyer, formerly half of Puerto Muerto and now performing as Man is Man, has organized a tribute to Kurt Weill on December 9 at the Viaduct Theater, where she books music. “The Greatest Bandit: The Music of Kurt Weill” will feature a slew of local Weill-heads, including Mekons Sally Timms and Jon Langford, beloved piano man Daniel Knox, and Meyer herself.

Though two years elapsed between their first gig and their recent second one, all-star-ish local cover band Freddie Freeballer & The Breeze are already planning their third. The band comprises Elia Einhorn and Jay Santana (Scotland Yard Gospel Choir), Canasta‘s Matt Priest, Spoony Bards bad boy Dave Kitsberg, ol’ Jesse Alexander (Cobalt & the Hired Guns, Homoticons), and solo artist Aaron Ackerson. Their show last month at Schubas, part of Cynthia Plaster Caster‘s fund-raiser for her mayoral run, featured the Freeballer-Breeze take on 90s shoegaze, grunge, and hip-hop; according to Einhorn the group next plans to tackle 2000 and beyond. Gossip Wolf hopes a rousing version of Black Rob’s “Whoa!” finds its way onto the Freeballer set list.

True story: Gossip Wolf was once a force in instrumental hip-hop with the group FUNKLE. After years of getting our tails dusty doing serious crate digging, we got signed to Mo’ Wax on the strength of our mix tape, “Can I Give You a Dollar?” But that went over like a hot five-pound wolf turd. Anyway, we’re hoping the same thing doesn’t happen to Tewz 1. Last week the Chicagoan released his first proper album, Exsoteric, straight to iTunes. It’s about time! Dude has been banging around the local hip-hop scene, making beats and dropping verses, for almost 20 years. Exsoteric leans on the kind of David Axelrod/crate-freak soundtrack jams that DJ Shadow and RJD2 have used to melt headz worldwide. Tewz tells us that he’ll have vinyl and CD copies at local retailers soon. v

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