Forest Management is the ambient project of Reserve Matinee label cofounder John Daniel. Credit: Josh Levi

When Gossip Wolf covered Uptown experimental tape label Reserve Matinee last spring, it led to another discovery: Forest Management, the serene drone project of label cofounder John Daniel. Forest Management’s sprawling discography draws on a wide range of inspirations: one release manipulates recordings of church bells in the French Alps, while another uses glistening swells of synthesizer to recapture the feel of the Cleveland apartment house where Daniel grew up. On Friday, November 29, Forest Management drops a brand-new double LP, After Dark, on Jordan Reyes’s American Dreams imprint, and it’s easily the project’s most exquisite work yet—Reyes calls it a “turntable-sourced ambient record,” and it consists completely of sounds from a crackling vinyl copy of Claude Debussy’s La Mer. A limited edition of the double LP comes with custom-made lavender soap for an even more immersive experience!

Most of Chicago shuts down on Thanksgiving to eat turkey, watch football, and nap, but in 2017 the members of legendary house-music collective the Chosen Few launched a new tradition: a night of classic house and disco. Every year since, they’ve taken over the Promontory on Thanksgiving night to throw a reunion party for regulars from Sauer’s, a defunct south-side club where promising house DJs (including some of the Chosen Few) spun records in the 80s. If you can’t wait till July to see Wayne Williams, Jesse Saunders, Tony Hatchett, Alan King, Andre Hatchett, Terry Hunter, and Mike Dunn spin the Chosen Few Picnic, head to the Promontory on Thursday, November 28.

  • Alan King spins at the 2019 Chosen Few Picnic.

Gossip Wolf hasn’t had a chance to catch rambunctious Chicago rockers Twin Peaks since they dropped their sweetly bucolic fourth album, Lookout Low, in September. Fortunately, they headline the Riviera on Friday, November 29, joined by a crew of auxiliary musicians to help them bring the album’s delightful songs to the stage.  v

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