Friday, May 6, is the 22nd Bandcamp Friday—a 24-hour period where the retailer passes its usual cut of sales revenue along to the independent labels and artists who sell their music and merchandise through the site. Bandcamp typically announces forthcoming Bandcamp Fridays in three-month chunks, and this Friday is the last one that’s been made public so far. I won’t read too much into that—experience proves it’s unwise to assume this will be the last one—and I’ll refrain from speculating about how Epic Games’ recent purchase of Bandcamp might affect future Bandcamp Fridays. 

Bandcamp became a success because the people who work there understand their audience; Bandcamp Fridays became a phenomenon because they foregrounded the platform’s commitment to independent artists and labels when the pandemic stripped them of touring and gigging income. Live music has returned, more or less, but many artists continue to be forced to cancel tours due to COVID infections in their traveling parties—at the same time, the rollback of basic COVID safety measures and the continuing mutation of the virus seem guaranteed to create another wave sooner rather than later. As long as COVID remains a threat to public health, I hope Bandcamp Fridays will continue.

As always, I’ve assembled a list of albums, EPs, and singles recently covered by the Reader that you can buy on Bandcamp. April’s roundup has links to every previous list—and because I’ve put together nearly two dozen of them, with dozens of releases apiece, your listening needs could easily be covered for quite some time. 

The Ableist, Staircase Wit

Apocalypse, The Castle

Axons, I Object to Everything

Baby Teeth, “Don’t Go Outside”

Barbie Army, Barbies Don’t Bleed: Retrospective 1986​-​1990

Black Seinfeld, Season 1

Candlemass, The Door to Doom

Cats! & Beloved Pets, Gatismo

Cheer-Accident, Here Comes the Sunset

Congotronics International, Where’s the One?

Defcee & BoatHouse, For All Debts Public and Private

DJ Travella, Mr Mixondo

Dwaal Troupe, Lucky Dog

Earthen Sea, Ghost Poems 

The Greyboy Allstars, Get a Job: Music From the Original Broadcast Series Soul Dream

Helado Negro, Far In

Ivy Hollivana, Believer

Huntsmen, The Dying Pines

The Ineffectuals, Tempered Expectations

J@K@L, After a Few Days

Angela James, Now That I Have You

Lifeguard, “Taking Radar” b/w “Loose Cricket”

The Linda Lindas, Growing Up

Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder, Get on Board: The Songs of Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee

Mil Ataris por Segundo, Mil Ataris por Segundo

Juana Molina, Forfun

Moritat, Vermilion

Pasha Pear, “Clinging”

Post Office Winter, “Live at the Storm Cellar by Janky Changus and the Carousels (in Studio)”

Purelink, Puredub

Randal Bravery & Joshua Virtue, Spectacular!!

Claire Rousay, Everything Perfect Is Already Here

Shannon Candy, “Well Actually” and “Gimme Liberty”

Sons of Kemet, Black to the Future

Spread Joy, II

Stirrup, Super Seeded

Cisco Swank & Luke Titus, Some Things Take Time

Thumbscrew, Never Is Enough

J Wade & Cloud Boy, The One Who Knocks

Wayfaring, I Move, You Move

Asher White, Architecture Exuberant!

Rocio Zavala, Invisible Miracles