As Jed Clampett might say, “Well, doggie. Ain’t that something?” This week’s gig poster arrives during the long-awaited albeit piecemeal return of shows that people can go to in person, and it’s advertising a record-release party to boot.

Chicago artist Jason Castillo created this image for the band Wild Earp & the Free for Alls, who celebrate the new album Dyin’ for Easy Livin’ at Sleeping Village on Friday, July 9. Castillo is no stranger to this column: it’s been six years since the last one, but we’ve previously featured his gig posters.

Though Chicago is feeling a little safer as more people get the COVID-19 vaccine, the city’s performance communities are still reeling from the loss of wages and tips during all those months we were staying at home. It’s not too late to do something to support the people who make nightlife happen: the Reader has compiled a list of fundraisers for out-of-work or underemployed venue staff. And you can help musicians, theater artists, and other creatives by contributing to funds that offer them direct support; the Reader lists some ideas here and here.

ARTIST: Jason Castillo
GIG: Wild Earp & the Free for Alls, Cat Mullins & Themboys, Fri 7/9, 9:30 PM, Sleeping Village, 3734 W. Belmont, $15, 21+
ARTIST INFO: Jason Castillo