Frankie Cosmos Credit: Angel Ceballos

And just like that, Frankie Cosmos—otherwise known as Greta Kline, and otherwise tied to an obligatory footnote, given that her parents are Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline—released her third studio full-length in four years. Though the brand-new Vessel is the biggest record to date for the 24-year-old lo-fi indie darling, featuring an even fuller band sound than 2016’s Next Thing—as well as a proper knighting from Sub Pop—Kline continues to write the same flickering, aching pop songs that regularly come in under two minutes in length. And she continues to become more amazing at it. Vessel’s 18 bedroom-style songs wisp away like seeds from a dandelion, each subsequent track feeling more fleeting than its predecessor. Grooves materialize in which to get cozy and nod a head along—like in the thrumming “Accommodate”—but Kline doesn’t belabor a single note. Even as she’s flourished as Frankie since 2014’s revelatory Zentropy, her expressive, personal lyrics remain candid and stark—and unaffected by her rising celebrity.   v