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Peter Margasak
Reader staff writer

3:30 PM  I’m still unsure what to think about Philadelphia crooner Daughn Gibson, but I’ll likely begin my day by catching his set. His recent Sub Pop debut uses a drum machine, but for this tour the beats will provided by Areif Sless-Kitain (Eternals, Reds and Blue), and by their side will be Chicago’s most-trusted utility man, Jim Elkington. The presence of Sless-Kitain and Elkington can only help.

4:35 PM  I’ll probably wander in to hear a bit of Mac DeMarco‘s set to see if he brings a bit more spark.

5:15 PM  But let’s face it—my day is reserved for three strong-voiced women: 1) Angel Olsen . . .

6:15 PM  (Intermission: I’ll check out Mikal Cronin to see if he can maintain the relative calm of his recent Merge album.)

7:20 PM  . . . 2) Joanna Newsom, and . . .

8:30 PM  . . . 3) Bjork. I know that the latter two are sometimes considered washed-up or irrelevant to forward-looking citizens of the Pitchfork Nation, and that’s why I’d never live there. These artists aren’t the most ideal of outdoor festival entertainers, but I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep on Thursday. Coffee should do the rest unless I figure out how to sneak in a thermos filled with Negronis.

Gwynedd Stuart
Reader social media manager

1 PM  I hate being hot, but I also find it tasteless to wear only a bra out in public (a thing I noticed more than several young women believed was the best costume for the day last year).

3:20 PM  If the Fresh and Onlys had a baby with Broadcast, I think it would sound kind of like Frankie Rose. Also, I like the Vivian Girls and she used to be one.

4:15 PM  Trash Talk‘s screaming makes me feel like a teenager again. Or at least makes me think of when I was a teenager and liked screaming. But I’m not a teenager anymore. I’m old.

4:16 PM  They serve wine at Pitchfork, right?

5:15 PM  Angel Olsen‘s full-length album lives at my house and has definitely grown on me. Plus, I’ve yet to see her live.

6:15 PM  There’s something to be said for making really pleasant, jangly, poppy music. I’m not sure what that something is, but good for Mikal Cronin because he’s doing a great job of it.

7:20 PM  It’s been suggested that if one likes Kate Bush one should also have a certain appreciation for Joanna Newsom. I’ll play along . . . today.

8:30 PM  I’d like to go home now.

Kayla Hartman
Group fitness instructor and freelance photographer

4:35 PM  I stumble (already) off the Green Line and run up front to see Mac DeMarco. I missed the glory days of Bowie, so I’ll just go ahead and live them at this show.

5:30 PM  I’m not yet sure exactly how I’ll get lo-fi and rootsy at the same time, but I guess I’ll have to figure it out in time for the Woods set. Not a front-row show. I’m thinking that clump in the middle. Just enjoy those feels.

6:25 PM  I’ll catch some of Wire if I’m not too busy eating some vegan-ass pretzel-bun burger or something.

7:20 PM  You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be close enough to Joanna Newsom to see the vibrations on her harp strings. Stand there with my mouth open. Start crying if she plays “Peach Plum Pear.” Vow to start wearing flower crowns and grow my hair out.

8:30 PM  I’ll totally stand in the back of the Bjork crowd. Not gonna push through the pack for this one, but I will totally get all “girl power” in the wings.