The Funk Trunk storefront in Rogers Park is closed, but you'll still be able find its inventory online, at pop-up shops, and at record fairs. Credit: Via Facebook

In late 2014, Gossip Wolf was thrilled to hear that Funk Trunk Records had set up shop in Rogers Park—sadly, though, the brick-and-mortar location on 6960 N. Sheridan is no more. Owner Quinn Cunningham broke the news on Facebook last Friday, and he tells Gossip Wolf that the shop officially closed over Independence Day weekend. “I didn’t want to make it into a drawn-out ‘this is the end’ event,” he says. “The shop will transition into an online store and pop-up shop, and will do some record shows around the region.” Cunningham’s post mentions the possibility of reopening Funk Trunk at a better location in the future; until then, the store’s Facebook page will list all the events where you’ll be able to find Funk Trunk inventory in person.

After a Kickstarter campaign that ended in May, local vinyl-­display manufacturers Flipbin are ready to bring their small, mobile record-­storage units to market. After browsing Flipbin’s new website, Gossip Wolf thinks their aluminum bins—available in 12-inch or seven-inch sizes, which hold about 30 LPs or 45 singles, respectively—seem handy for DJs, as well as for folks who are just tired of stacking recently acquired records on their turn­tables. You can grab one at their tent at the Pitchfork Music Festival or preorder single units or combo packs online.

On Friday, July 15, Chicago shoegaze band Lazy Legs drop their new full-length cassette, Visiondeath, on local tape label Wild Patterns. A $5 preorder includes the free digital bonus track “Jason Robbards,” which this wolf really hopes (despite that second b) is about the actor from All the President’s Men and The Day After.

Gossip Wolf is sad to report that Vince Campbell, the guitarist who cofounded ridiculously gross and totally slamming old-school Chicago death-grind band Eyegouger in 1988 (his stage name was “Nipple Cruncher”), passed away in his sleep last week at age 52.  v

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