Gabby's World Credit: Chris Sikich

Indie singer-songwriter Gabrielle Smith broke out in 2015 under the name Eskimeaux. Since then, she’s changed the name of her project a couple times, and last year she made her debut as the front woman of Gabby’s World—which released Beast on Beast (Yellow K) in November. Though Gabby’s World positioned as a fleshed-out band and Smith does tour with a core group of musicians, the project seems more like the next step in her personal artistic trajectory. The album boasts a star-studded lineup of contributors, including Greta Kline (Frankie Cosmos), Yoni Wolf (Why?), and Luke Jenner (the Rapture), but while Smith’s presence feels distinct throughout the record, some of her collaborators play such minor roles it’s hard to actually pick out where they appear without glancing at the liner notes. In any case, Beast on Beast is deferential in volume and immersive in its approach to indie rock; Smith’s calm grace encourages listeners to absorb the gentle melodies and uncover light magical touches, such as the small tremors in the vocal harmonies during the calm splendor of “When I Felt Giving.”   v