Gabriella Cohen Credit: courtesy the artist

The first time I listened to Australian singer-guitarist Gabriella Cohen’s Full Closure and No Details (Captured Tracks), I was drawn in by the nonchalance of her performance, but as the songs rolled on I came to realize I was overlooking their concision and tart bite. Now that’s all I can focus on. Cohen, who was previously one-half of a garage-rock duo called the Furrs, reflects some clear influences: the strummy hypnosis of the Velvet Underground, the hazy euphoria of Phil Spector-produced girl groups, and the bacchanalia of 60s psychedelia, which manifests itself during reverb-drenched tracks such as “Beaches” and the needling “Yesterday.” Full Closure is a breakup album filled with resentment that surfaces even in a cliched line like “No one there will love you like I do.” But those moments are tempered by a narcotic glaze and leavened by Cohen’s bittersweet jadedness(“When they sit on their chairs and they got an approach that doesn’t really take into consideration of other people”).   v