Galcher Lustwerk Credit: Courtesy of ASRA

Cleveland native Galcher Lustwerk (who prefers to leave his birth name unknown) raps and produces deep-house instrumentals, but you can’t properly describe his music as some combination of house and hip-hop (and he absolutely does not make “hip-house”). Now based in New York, Lustwerk primarily appears interested in spellbinding grooves, in which he siphons trancelike qualities from laid-back sounds outside of electronic music. On last year’s 200% Galcher (Lustwerk Music) he works mellow jazz sax and modern funk bass into his cool house instrumentals. He’s got a flair for skeletal melodies, and manages to make his tracks feel lavish even when the only sound is the drum on “Idhouse” murmuring like a heartbeat. He nestles his vocals into his beats, rapping at a volume just above a whisper; on “Template” he murmurs so quietly you can practically hear him lick his lips between verses, as though he’s falling into a dreamlike state induced by his own music. The chugging rhythms of “Life” propel a brief rap about the drive to find a partner, buy property, and have children, and Lustwerk’s ambiguous lyrics and calming monotone add to the hypnotizing feel—whether you aspire to that lifestyle or not.   v