The Dishes back in the day: Sharon Maloy, Kiki Yablon, Mike Tsoulos, and Sarah Staskauskas Credit: Carla Juravic

I take great pleasure in finally writing a preview blurb for Chicago’s great, all-woman (or mostly all-woman, depending on the lineup) garage strutters the Dishes. I could never do it back in their 90s-00s heyday, because guitarist Kiki Yablon was also the Reader’s music editor. The group released a handful of indelible, high-energy records and went out on a high note; their last show was in 2004 at the Shellac-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in the UK. For this show, the core trio of Yablon, bassist Sharon Maloy, and singer-guitarist Sarah Staskauskas reunite, and Janet Beveridge Bean (Eleventh Dream Day, Freakwater) joins them on drums. Wall-slamming power trio the Nerves, the Dishes’ friends and frequent gigmates, also reunite for this gig. Take a listen to these blasts from the past and you’ll find their music is still fresh and infectious, their crunchy wildness sounds forever young.   v