Gossip Wolf wishes that local garage-rock label Randy Records, run by Yolks guitarist Nathan Johnson, would put out music more often—its punk and frat-rock bangers are a welcome addition to any turntable! On Saturday, July 22, Randy releases debut LPs from two shit-hot Chicago bands. Skip Church’s Out of Tune, in Touch With the Devil has enough snotty punk residue to gum up a thousand boxes of Kleenex, while the self-titled LP from Today’s Hits sounds like the Kingsmen if they’d spent a few years living in a hotboxed economy car. Romantic weed jams! Both bands celebrate with sets at Hermosa dive bar the Levee that night, sharing a bill with the Yolks.

So far DIY label Dumpster Tapes has dropped two volumes in its Monster Compilation series, each one a sprawling document of Chicago’s underground rock, punk, and garage scenes. Volume two came out in April 2016, and the third arrives on Saturday, July 22—Dumpster Tapes has corralled 25 more bands, including lo-fi darlings Bunny, power-pop heartthrob Dan Rico, and postpunk miscreants No Men. You can buy a cassette at Cole’s on Saturday, when the label throws a free Monster Compilation release show. Everyone on the bill is on the compilation: Mia Joy, Krozer, Laverne, and Soft Candy.

Those of you who were at Pitchfork with Gossip Wolf might feel like taking a little break from festivals, but would you make an exception for fests held indoors? On Friday and Saturday, July 21 and 22, Bottom Lounge hosts All Tomorrow’s Impeachments, a benefit for the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center with the likes of Dianogah (Friday), the Poison Arrows (Saturday), and Tar (both nights—see show preview). And on Saturday, July 22, Lincoln Hall presents the second-annual Localpalooza, a fund-raiser for the Patrick Grange Memorial Foundation for ALS research; performers include the Ivorys, Rich Jones, and Bad Bad Meow.  v

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