CoCoComa before their hiatus: Bill Roe, Lisa Roe, Tyler J. Brock, and Anthony Cozzi Credit: Alexis Wilson Castaldi

Local garage rockers CoCoComa went on hiatus four years ago, but on Sunday their most recent lineup—guitarist-­organist Anthony Cozzi, bassist Tyler J. Brock, guitarist Lisa Roe, and drummer Bill Roe—regrouped to play the wedding of their friend J.J. Wright. “He was one of our earliest and most enthusiastic fans, so we couldn’t say no,” says Bill. Rehearsals have gone well, and CoCoComa have extended the reunion—as Bill says, “We thought it’d be cool to play something else nonformal.” Those of you who missed the postnuptial set can still see the band at Bric-a-Brac Records on Sun 3/1; CoCoComa plays at 6 PM, and this wolf suggests arriving early.

Clear is a brand-new dance imprint from Chicago electronic-music DJ MTZ and her Brooklyn-based partner, DJ Stephanie Neptune (aka Space Jam). The label’s cool, sparse artwork is based on 90s terminal interfaces—probably because MTZ is a Web developer! This month Clear debuted with a 12-inch of squelchy acid house from Primitive Sci-Fi, a Nashville-based duo of former Chicagoan Alex Michalski (aka Grey People) and Oliver Dodd. MTZ says she plans to keep the label “as close to home as possible and release local producers that are known to sit on stuff.” Clear has releases in the works from Atlanta duo Twins and Ghost Arcade label boss Mike Broers.

Gossip Wolf gave a nod to the Pillowhammer’s “broken country-music drone” in 2011, and even though they rarely gig and haven’t put new music on Bandcamp since 2013, they’re still our favorite local weirdos—especially since morphing into a warped, maudlin lounge act. Singer Jim Dorling croaks lyrics about coke dick and divorcees with “paper-clip eyes,” occasionally firing up an air-raid siren to signal his distress. The Pillowhammer‘s shambling songs radiate enough bathos to turn any venue into the world’s saddest airport bar, and on Fri 2/27 they give Cafe Mustache the treatment.

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