Credit: Keith Herzik

Lollapalooza was infiltrated by folks Gossip Wolf only ever sees on TV or TMZ. Dorky movie star Michael Cera shopped at Reckless, while McLovin (aka actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and the cast of Twilight were spotted at the fest, along with budget-rate bad girl and Pretty Reckless “singer” Taylor Momsen. Friday night Lindsay Lohan took in Lykke Li’s House of Blues show. After the Black Lips played a packed W Hotel ballroom on Saturday, Elijah Wood spun a strange DJ set that cleared the dance floor; across town, Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul hit up a Debonair afterparty. Other sightings: 80s MTV icon Downtown Julie Brown and, if that weren’t enough of a WTF, Kevin Costner cruising around in a golf cart.

Kesha was reportedly seen at a Disappears show last week—in Baltimore, not at Lolla. Gossip Wolf asked front man Brian Case if he’d seen her: “Is she that drunk girl? Then, yeah, I think so.”

El Is a Sound of Joy drummer Stephen Ptacek tells Gossip Wolf that he’s been gripping sticks for Paleo, the folky-pop project of Elgin native David Strackany. Strackany has been on an unending U.S. tour for about six freaking years; Ptacek says the dude is finally ready to settle down, and he’s chosen sweet home Chicago! This Wolf likes it when cool people move here and is tired of Chicagoans leaving to forage Dumpsters in “cooler” coastal cities. Paleo will celebrate the occasion at the Empty Bottle on Tue 8/16.

Local danceable rock group Mahjongg played yet another “final” show at Bitchpork last month. Now multi-instrumentalist and main dude Hunter Husar is moving forward with a solo project called Winston; he self-releases a debut EP, Day at the Shore, on August 20. That night he’ll play a dual record-release show with neoprimitive pop group Golden Birthday, whose second album, Illusions, comes out on Catholic Tapes. It’s at 9 PM at Chinatown’s Lure Izakaya Pub (2017 S. Wells).

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