Girl K Credit: Laly Viveros

Chicago guitarist-vocalist Kathy Patino launched indie-pop group Girl K as a solo project about two years ago. By the fall of 2017, she’d built a full-fledged band, recruiting drummer Ajay Raghuraman, bassist Alex Pieczynski, and lead guitarist Kevin Sheppard, and they released their debut album, Sunflower Court, that October. In the band’s short lifetime, they’ve found a home among local rockers: Patino told Melted Magazine last year that Varsity showed her there’s a place here for sweetly inviting but solemn rock songs peppered with power-pop hooks. Beach Bunny front woman Lili Trifilio especially inspires her: “Her vocals and melodies and lyrics break my heart and motivate me to really put all my soul and being into my music and to never let anyone make me feel small or inferior,” Patino said. And from what I’ve heard of Girl K’s forthcoming second album, For Now, Patino has become a more confident leader and singer; though the band edges toward languid dream pop on “Ride,” Patino’s rapid, breathy delivery helps ratchet up the energy.   v