Cyrus Moussavi and Gordon Ashworth of Mississippi Records Credit: Photos by Brittany Nugent and Cyrus Moussavi

Since 2003, Eric Isaacson has run Mississippi Records, a shop in Portland, Oregon, that launched a wonderfully eclectic and idiosyncratic label in 2004; late last year, he turned over the label half of the operation to filmmaker Cyrus Moussavi and experimental musician Gordon Ashworth. “We agreed to do it if we could leave Portland,” Moussavi says. And so Mississippi Records is moving to Chicago—though it doesn’t yet have a physical HQ, and it’s been on pause since mid-December while Moussavi and Ashworth transport its stock via a monthlong tour that ends at the Co-Prosperity Sphere on Friday, February 1. They’ll screen Isaacson’s documentary A Cosmic and Earthly History of Recorded Music According to Mississippi Records as well as shorts from Raw Music International, a film collective Moussavi cofounded. Golden Wilson of Olvido Records DJs, and tickets are $10.

Gossip Wolf knows Chicago drummer William Covert from noisy duo Space Blood and poppy posthardcore trio Rust Ring, but he’s been working solo too: last winter, he says, he tried to “musically encapsulate” the season’s “loneliness and isolation.” His new solo tape, Music for Synthesizer and Drums, has a sparse, elemental feel well suited to extreme cold! Covert drops the cassette Friday, February 1, via Canadian label Coup sur Coup; the next night he celebrates with a solo set at the Co-Prosperity Sphere with the Poison Arrows, Parlour, and Pinebender.

This fall the Reader covered Smashed Plastic, Chicago’s first vinyl-pressing plant in decades. On Saturday, February 2, Smashed Plastic throws a free grand-opening party at the plant (4200 W. Diversey) that includes an slew of local talent: rapper Serengeti, garage-rock squad Bleach Party, country stalwarts the Lawrence Peters Outfit, shoegazers Diagonal, and DJs Tim Zawada and Chuck Wren. Partygoers can preorder an LP of live performances recorded at the event.  v

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