No Age Credit: Beth Houfek

No Age have always been great at making very little sound like a whole lot. Since they began blending influences from hardcore punk and noise rock with indie-rock catchiness 15 years ago, the Los Angeles-based duo have been on the cutting edge of cool—they’ve always seemed a step ahead of their peers in the guitar-rock world. On the brand-new Goons Be Gone, No Age’s second full-length for Drag City, guitarist and singer Randy Randall and drummer and singer Dean Spunt have created their most lush and thoughtful music yet, proving that their well of greatness isn’t going to dry up anytime soon. This time around the band dive into psychedelic rock, layering dreamy guitars to create spacey textures and soundscapes; meanwhile their vocal melodies lean into mod textures, with equal parts attitude and smooth hooks. No Age have always fleshed out the two-member dynamic so well, and they’ve upped their game even further on Goons Be Gone—sometimes they break away from their minimalism, and they sound like a six-piece band cutting loose. When they pair their new sense of pop grandeur with the inventive guitar leads, pushy drums, and unstoppable energy of their signature sound, No Age are bigger and better than ever.   v