Credit: Keith Herzik

You probably know local synth enthusiast Beau Wanzer as one half of Streetwalker, but he’s also half of Mutant Beat Dance, a project with Chicago DJ and producer Melvin Oliphant, aka Traxx. The duo just did a remix for Gavin Russom’s “Night Sky” 12-inch, which came out Tuesday on DFA, the NYC dance label run by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy—nbd, MBD. Wanzer also tells Gossip Wolf that Streetwalker’s new album—which the duo has been keeping tightly under wraps—is almost wrapped up. He and partner in crime Elon Katz (White Car) recorded the full-length in one live take a couple months ago, and they just need to mix and master it. Wanzer adds that the band has a couple more 12-inches in the works, too.

Gossip Wolf is old-school enough to remember fanzines, those lost tools of pre-Internet musical obsession made out of stapled stacks of paper and actual printed words. They’re like blogs you can use to wipe your furry butt! Chicagoan Marc Fischer also kicks it old school; he runs Public Collectors, an informal collective dedicated to sharing cultural materials often overlooked by museums and libraries—like zines, demo tapes, and comic books. On Sat 8/6 and Sun 8/7, Fischer will host a “reading room event” at Logan Square space the Storefront (2606 N. California), where folks can flip through some 200 zines from the late 80s and early 90s; it’s free and runs from noon till 5 PM both days.

Michael Perkins is perhaps best known as the keyboardist in local emo-tinged ensemble Sig Transit Gloria, which broke up in 2001. When the band reunited in 2009, Perkins also began working on a solo synth project called Mr. 666; his musical vibe mixes darkwave and wonky faux-classical soundtrack electro a la Vangelis and Wendy Carlos. On Thu 8/11 synth-loving local label Ghost Arcade will celebrate the release of Perkins’s debut 12-inch, Mr. 666, with a show at Bottom Lounge. Ze Dark Park—a new project from Ersatz Audio acts Perspects and Goudron—and J+J+J open. —Jessica Hopper and J.R. Nelson

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