Their/They're/There Credit: Courtesy of Tell All Your Friends PR

Gossip Wolf hears that Hideout talent buyer Michael Slaboch is leaving to join Pitchfork producer, jazz drummer, and man-about-town Mike Reed at Constellation, a new venue in the old Viaduct Theater space; filling his shoes at the beloved dive will be improvising comedian and soon-to-be-former Reader ad coordinator Seth Dodson, aka SpokesMom from the Show ‘n Tell Show. He’s already working alongside Slaboch, and as of Wed 4/3 he’ll be flying solo. Dodson describes his new gig as a “homecoming” of sorts—he got married at the Hideout a couple years ago!

Last week Rolling Stone debuted “Concession Speech Writer,” a track from new Chicago band Their/They’re/There, pointing out that its members are “veterans of other indie-rock groups.” But they’re more than just dudes from random bands: bassist and singer Evan Thomas Weiss is the main man in Into It. Over It., guitarist Matthew Frank hails from mathcore act Loose Lips Sink Ships, and drummer Mike Kinsella goes it alone as Owen. The band recorded six songs last August in the basement of Owen Mallon (Noumenon, Stay Ahead of the Weather), and Polyvinyl will release a self-titled T/T/T EP on Record Store Day (Sat 4/20). The band headlines Beat Kitchen that night.

Chicago synth maven Joshua Davison has been in a few fine bands with his pal Nathan Tucker, including Warp-style IDM duo String Theory and the new-wave-biting Thirds, but until now he hasn’t struck out on his own. Davison’s new LP, I Been Thinking of the Universe, claims to feature a group called the Origin of the Cosmos Ensemble, but don’t be fooled: he recorded its Brian Eno-esque ambience and Vangelis-style cough-syrup jams all by himself. He’s selling the album for $5 via Bandcamp.

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