"Sitting in the Park Forever" raises funds to digitize Bob Abrahamian's vast record collection
"Sitting in the Park Forever" raises funds to digitize Bob Abrahamian's vast record collection Credit: Courtesy Jennifer Abrahamian

We’re still hurting from the death of Bob Abrahamian, the Chicago soul historian, archivist, and DJ who interviewed countless overlooked local talents for his weekly WHPK program Sitting in the Park. Abrahamian amassed an unmatched collection of rare records, and his family’s trying to raise funds so they can digitize and preserve every last 45. Fri 9/26 at Hyde Park’s Promontory, a benefit for that project called “Sitting in the Park Forever” features Windy City Soul Club and a handful of musicians Abrahamian promoted, among them Reggie Torian (the Impressions, the Enchanters), Cliff Curry (the Notations), and Doug Shorts (Master Plan). Tickets are $10, and the whole bash starts at 8 PM.

Last time Gossip Wolf checked in with Primo Mendoza—best known as one half of local Laurel Canyon-style soft-rock duo Desert Soap—he was warming up our spirits via his sunny musical attitude with a residency at Hungry Brain in January 2013. On Monday 9/29, he’ll be back at the Roscoe Village spot premiering his recently completed feature-length movie Music & Love! The trailer Mendoza posted to YouTube features some of his solo music from Desert Soap, a vanload of girls in flared pants and bikini tops, more hippies skinny-dipping than the Woodstock movie, and the director (and star) ruefully contemplating an ad for the McRib sandwich. Bring it on! says this wolf. The film starts at 8:30 PM.

Gossip Wolf’s been on the hunt for a good mix of tunes since our first-generation iPod Classic wouldn’t turn on, and the Co-Prosperity Sphere has just what we need. On Sat 9/27 it hosts a show with lo-fi Washington State outfit Mount Eerie, Chicago art-rock stalwart Tim Kinsella, and local producer Tmthy Trtl, who made the bulk of Chris Crack’s new Kickin It With TW mixtape but’ll be spinning juke tracks. The show’s $12 and kicks off at 8 PM.

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Correction: This column has been amended to correctly reflect the soundtrack of the trailer for Primo Mendoza’s Music & Love!