Black September's new album drops September 25

Local cassette-­only label Lillerne Tapes has put out more than 30 releases since 2007, which include music from Chicago’s Squish (recently signed to HoZac), Kansas City’s Cvlts, and more than a dozen other like-minded weirdos scattered across the midwest. Lillerne doesn’t exactly have a unified aesthetic, but its output usually seems to skew toward “hotbox your bedroom” foggy soundtrack drones and “no bongwater allowed on the Casio” tilted pop jams. The label’s second compilation, Lillerne Compilation #2 (duh), consists of exclusive tracks by 22 artists; it came out in a tiny physical edition two weeks ago and sold out almost immediately. We missed it! We must have been in a secondhand-smoke daze! But now we’re awake . . . and instead of gnashing our big teeth, we’ve copped a free download of the comp via the label’s Bandcamp page.

Local blackened-death-metal reprobates Black September thankfully skipped the Summer Olympics—not everybody has forgotten Munich 1972—but on September 25 they’ll be releasing their second LP, Into the Darkness Into the Void, on Prosthetic Records. You can pre­order the full-length from the band’s website now and secure a limited-edition package that includes a gold vinyl LP, a patch, and a big ol’ poster. They’ll celebrate the release with a show at Ultra Lounge on September 29 with Abysme, Coffinworm, and Terminate.

Got a hankering for electronic sounds with a dark streak? Well, you’re in luck! Noisemonger-about-town Dan Smith (of Neon Marshmallow fame) is launching a new live electronic-music series called Poltergeist; he hopes to have shows once or twice a month, and he promises to book a range of styles that includes Detroit techno, coldwave, and minimal wave. Techno and acid-house provocateur Amir Alexander headlines the series debut, Mon 8/20 at the Burlington; at the second event, Sun 9/2 at the Empty Bottle, four-on-the-floor master Naughty Wood tops the bill.

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