Well, well, well: You can be in a My My My video
Well, well, well: You can be in a My My My video Credit: Sarah Frankie Linder

In October local pop sextet My My My will set up a Kickstarter to help finance an EP, but instead of just giving out swag in exchange for donations, the band will also do an hour of community service for every $100. Nice work! In the meantime, if you’d like to be in a concert scene they’re shooting on Thu 9/6 for a video to launch the campaign, e-mail mymymy@mymymyband.com—you could be the Courteney Cox to their Bruce Springsteen!

When tickets went on sale last week for a Brooklyn concert featuring Chicago black-metal group Nachtmystium, Canadian death-metal band Weapon, and former Swans vocalist Jarboe, rumors started flying that the three acts were planning a November tour together. Nachtmystium front man Blake Judd tells Gossip Wolf the tour is happening, but there’s no word yet on a Chicago show.

We Repel Each Other blend shouty, spazzy old-school emo and clunky Amphetamine Reptile/Touch and Go noise rock—the Chicago trio’s heavy riffs remind us of a million Fireside Bowl shows from the 90s as well as contemporary local combos like Fake Limbs. The band has finally finished their first full-length, the ten-track Mechannequin or How I Stopped Learning and Planned for the Short Term / Merenguetang, after sessions spread out across nearly a year. This week they left town for a European tour, but you can preorder the album through Bandcamp.

Instrumental-metal favorites Pelican were all set to tour Australia and New Zealand this fall with drone-metal legends Sunn O))), but this weekend they announced that they’d had to cancel the whole thing. Sunn O))) core members Stephen O’Malley and Greg Anderson posted an explanation on their website that chalked up the change in plans to difficulties with the Australian promoter. Pelican guitarist Trevor de Brauw says the two bands are trying to reschedule through a promoter who’s worked with Pelican in the past.