Doug Shorts Credit: Ryan Lowry

Over the years the Reader has covered the comings and goings of local bands at recording playground Pieholden Suite Sound more than a few times, but the Ukrainian Village studio’s most fascinating product might be the new generative iPhone music app, Chicago Avenue Moon, developed in part by Pieholden co-­owner Josh Dumas. Using more than a thousand musical phrases written by Dumas and recorded by a slew of Chicago musicians (including members of Gossip Wolf faves Quarter Mile Thunder, Verma, and Mar Caribe), Chicago Avenue Moon uses data from a user’s GPS location—as well as the date, time, and phase of the moon—to create a constantly evolving soundtrack for your headphones, and you don’t have to be anywhere near Chicago Avenue for it to do its thing. Dumas says the app works better the farther and faster you move, so we’re hoping it’ll make all the time we spend on the 66 bus more entertaining!

Silky-voiced veteran soul singer Doug Shorts tells this wolf that he just finished producing an album for local gospel quartet the Windy City Four at Dan Dietrich’s Wall to Wall Recording. Shorts and longtime collaborator Roosevelt Purifoy head into Wall to Wall this week to start sessions of their own (with an assist from Purifoy’s daughter), and Shorts is itching to get to work: “This is the start of something big!”

On January 14, Chicago indie-rock five-piece Cousin Dud released their upbeat, sax-happy new album, The Faded (which reminds this wolf a little of the Hold Steady), as an Internet stream. Unfortunately, a few days later they abruptly lost drummer and founding member Benjamin Sams, who’s skipping town to work someplace even colder than Chicago—an oil rig off the shore of Alaska. The band won’t be able to play a record-release show until they find someone to fill in behind the kit; interested parties should e-mail

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