Credit: Keith Herzik

Tiger Bones, the postpunk foursome born of Gay Baby, will play their final show Fri 1/6 at Metro: guitarist Nick Hagen has bowed out due to the commute from his home in Champaign. Last month the band released a farewell EP, When You Die, which you can nab for free from local online label Candy Dinner. Founding guitarist Jay Ranz tells fans at Metro what to expect: “Nick and I will make little to no eye contact with anyone in the audience. I’ll probably forget how to play guitar, and everyone else will put up with it, which would make it just like any other Tiger Bones show.”

Gossip Wolf isn’t sure why local doom-inflected foursome Lord, which formed two years ago, has so far flown under the radar—the brutal group’s epic November debut ain’t exactly lackluster. Maybe because it came out on San Fran pop-punk label Asian Man Records? At any rate, the lineup on the record is guitarists Josh Trevino and Shawn Bowers (both from Biscayne—Trevino also sings), drummer Rob Kellenberger (formerly of Slapstick, Colossal, and the Smoking Popes), and bassist George Hunter (formerly of Catfish Haven); Aaron Roemig of Arbogast has since replaced Hunter. Trevino and Kellenberger met a couple decades ago at Kimball Middle School in Elgin, and Kellenberger’s fellow drummer in Colossal, Neil Hennessy (current sticksman for the Lawrence Arms and Smoking Popes), recorded their debut at Atlas Studios. Lord have a few midwestern dates this month, including an opening set for the Lawrence Arms on Sat 1/7 at Metro.

Chicago indie rockers Like Pioneers tell Gossip Wolf they’re tracking their sophomore LP with Mike Lust at his studio, Phantom Manor. The five-piece includes Jesse Woghin (formerly of the Narrator), Matt Holland (Love of Everything), and three members of the defunct Bound Stems: Bobby Gallivan, Dan Radzicki and Janie Porche. On Fri 1/13 they play Schubas along with Gauntlet Hair, Caveman, and Prussia as part of the Tomorrow Never Knows festival.

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