Credit: Keith Herzik

Since time immemorial Rappers have been releasing mix tapes to keep their hungry fans satiated. Now it appears that Chicago indie rockers Moritat have taken Trap-a-Holics‘ example to heart; they recently dropped off free CD copies of their new Don Popsicle Mix Tape at a bevy of local record stores and cafes. They tell Gossip Wolf that the mix is “basically a pre-empting” of an upcoming full-length they’re working on with Brian Deck at Engine Studios. Sweet! Moritat will give away a second mix tape Fri 12/9 when they open for Brooklyn noise punks Pterodactyl at the Empty Bottle.

While partly local jazz group Herculaneum preps its fifth long-player, UCHU, for a January 17 release, the band’s assorted bros are keeping as busy as ever with a million side projects—especially drummer Dylan Ryan. He and Herculaneum trumpeter Patrick Newbery recently backed Cursive front man Tim Kasher on tour, and now Ryan’s back in LA working on new Icy Demons material and doing percussion for on-the-rise dance fiends Rainbow Arabia. He also has a new solo act called Ether Feather, which he says will issue only singles.

Seems like Occupy Chicago has 99 problems—the pesky po-po, public apathy, taunting from commodities traders—but the funk ain’t one! In fact, some Chicago funkateers think the 1 percent is so “Super Bad” that they’re ready to “Testify” for Occupy Chicago: the Chicago Afrobeat Project and James Brown tribute act Get Up With the Get Downs play a rally at Reggie’s Rock Club on Fri 11/25. Tickets include a bus ride (with free on-board libations) from any of four locations; for details, hit up

As your holiday shopping adviser, Gossip Wolf recommends you pick up the new Flosstradamus EP, Jubilation, when it drops Tue 11/29. It’s been two years since the duo’s last “official” release, and this one features verses by blog favorite Danny Brown and Kid Sister, who’s lately been sporting some pretty amazing Lady Gaga-esque invisible eyebrows. She’s one tweeze away from joining the pop Illuminati!

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