If you see any of this equipment in the wild, you should know that it belongs to the band Go Deep.
If you see any of this equipment in the wild, you should know that it belongs to the band Go Deep. Credit: Courtesy the band

A van full of gear owned by Brooklyn hardcore band Go Deep was stolen near Wicker Park in broad daylight on Wed 5/21; the vehicle has been recovered, but most of its contents are still missing. According to the story Go Deep posted to Tumblr, they’ve lost around $25,000 of band equipment and personal property—including computers and hard drives containing the only copies of a solo album Go Deep drummer Danny Rico had spent six years making, which he planned to release as Mason Avery. Over the weekend Go Deep posted descriptions and serial numbers of the missing instruments, along with some photos: bit.ly/godeepm. If you have a lead, contact Go Deep at kris.kneale@gmail.com.

Gossip Wolf has been spinning the moody, drifting shoegaze jams of Chicago trio Savage Sister since their Wild Sleep EP dropped in February—it sounds like the stuff of hazy dreams! On Fri 6/6 they release a new digital single, “Huge Moves,” via Bandcamp and Soundcloud, and with any luck it’ll catalyze some “huge moves” for the band—anyone who zones out to M83 and the Cocteau Twins should find plenty to like. Later this year, Savage Sister will drop a new full-length LP on excellent local label BLVD Records. They play the Hideout on Sat 5/31 with Oshwa and My Gold Mask.

Maybe you haven’t nabbed a copy of the 23-artist, three-LP compilation that Whistler Records put together to commemorate the inaugural Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival in 2009—it features artists from the fest, booked by Whistler mastermind Billy Helmkamp, among them Mazes, Bird Names, Mass Shivers, Allá, Matt Ulery’s Loom, and Jim Becker. Well, Helmkamp tells Gossip Wolf that due to a center-label misprint the Logan Square bar got to keep about 1,000 extra unjacketed LPs from that comp. The Whistler has been giving them away from a bin by the front door, but they’re running out! Don’t sleep!

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