The cops thought the filming of Names Divine's first video was something vague and maybe rotten—the name of their last album

At the end of the month Little Village DIY venue Treasure Town will close; its residents are being evicted by their landlord, as are the folks at Mortville upstairs. Treasure Town will host a final blowout on Fri 6/29, with a lineup that’s being kept secret—though this Wolf got a hint that the musicians involved have been important to the space since its founding in December 2009. Attendees are asked to donate what they can, and proceeds will help pay the residents’ hefty utility bills; see for more.

Local drone-pop band Names Divine ran into trouble while making their first video Saturday morning. They tried to film 20 people—including the group’s eight members—pushing their van down 21st in Pilsen. The cops showed up, and singer Kendra Calhoun tells Gossip Wolf they seized the footage. When the dust settled, one member had been arrested, given several citations, and charged with misdemeanor battery—the resulting fines, community service, and/or probation may force Names Divine to cancel an August tour. Calhoun promises that the video—for a new version of “Satisfied Mind” on the band’s forthcoming third LP—will see the light of day somehow.

People call Nachtmystium singer Blake Judd a lot of things, and now you can add “crafty” to the list. Judd tells Gossip Wolf that he and a friend spent last weekend fashioning 50 wooden boxes for a limited edition of Grave Dancer Records‘ late-­summer reissue of Nacht­mystium’s three split EPs (with Xasthur from 2004, with Krieg from 2005, and with locals Murmur from 2011). The boxes will be bound with leather straps and antique iron nails. Judd says that the “DIY aspect” of being in a band is still very important to him.

Gossip Wolf is sad to report the departure of one of its thirds. The irreplaceable Jessica Hopper is moving on from the Reader so she can cover the local music scene for the Tribune even more thoroughly than she already does. This Wolf will miss you, Jessica!

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