Baathhaus' Vine post

It’s no accident that Gossip Wolf is cheered by the news that surrealist Chicago prog-rock institution Cheer-­Accident is revving up its weirdo engine again after a long hiatus! Drummer and mastermind Thymme Jones tells us that the band is undergoing “a convergence of the distant past, the present and ‘the future,'” and at Mayne Stage on Sat 6/22 it will play an epic 90-minute set—its first live show in two years—as a nine-piece, with a full horn section and new bassist Dante Kester (formerly of the Gillespie Killings and Sounds Like Braille). The band will have a brand-new seven-inch on hand too! In September the Cheer-Accident website will debut a subscription service that offers a new track every month and access to live archives and other goodies from the band’s 32-year history; later that month they’ll play the prog-­tastic Rock in Opposition festival in Carmaux, France, with Faust and Soft Machine.

Last weekend queer-friendly synth-pop outfit Baathhaus went a little crazy on Instagram and Vine, posting pics and clips of a big white codpiece, walls of flowers, a bucket of red liquid, and an amount of glitter best described as “a metric fuckton.” Turns out they were filming their first video, for a sprawling trance-industrial number called “Cave Song.” Baathhaus’s Dan Foley says they were inspired by Dario Argento’s horror classic Suspiria and James Bidgood’s gay softcore film Pink Narcissus; it sounds like the visuals will adhere to the Baathhaus aesthetic of “blood, glitter, and jizz.”

Gossip Wolf got hip to Chicago label Aerial Ballet earlier this year via a delightful EP from Bazan-loving emo band Sewingneedle. Now it’s releasing a self-titled EP from local experimental five-piece Lamp, who are obvious fans of Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective—it shows on the loopy “Chocolate Love.” You can listen at Lamp’s Bandcamp, and the band plays a record-release party at Quenchers on Wed 6/26.

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