A neat new cassette by Rectal Hygienics

While scrounging up some grub in a west-side Dumpster, this Wolf found something deliciously putrid—a new Chicago pigfuck band called Rectal Hygienics. Members hail from powerviolence acts Socially Retarded and Sea of Shit and noise projects Hate Basement, Machismo, and Abuse Patterns. The group recently released its debut, Even the Flies Won’t Touch You, on cassette via new local label Depravity; the album is distributed digitally by Grindcore Karaoke, run by Agoraphobic Nosebleed vocalist J. Randall. Guitarist Will McEvilly tells Gossip Wolf that Dennis Pleckham of Bongripper is mastering Even the Flies Won’t Touch You for vinyl—righteous! The band has a couple shows coming up (e-mail rectalhygienics@gmail.com for info) and is streaming the album at bit.ly/rectalh.

Guitarist Matt Jencik of dark Chicago drone-psych quartet Implodes tells Gossip Wolf that the band has finished recording its sophomore LP for Kranky (the follow-up to last year’s Black Earth), working mostly at Michigan’s Key Club Recording with Bill Skibbe. When pressed for details, the sphinxlike Jencik would only say, “Like Black Earth, this one is pretty dense.” The album’s due in early 2013, and on Sun 11/11 the band plays its second (and last) show of 2012; it’s at the Burlington with Cleared and Psychic Steel.

Since 2010 local label Sol y Nieve has been releasing lovingly packaged cassettes of black metal, folk and noise, all of them strictly limited, lo-fi, and light on info. Highlights thus far include local one-man USBM crusher Monument (aka Sol y Nieve honcho Noah Coleman), New York hate assault Yellow Eyes, and folk-industrial funeral marchers Dead Dragon Mountain (with two members of Sun Splitter). Some releases are still available, but Coleman just threw the whole Sol y Nieve catalog up on Bandcamp for free, including a new tape from his noisy doom duo Oyarsa and previews of upcoming releases.

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