Pole dancer Alethea Austin is classy and "fucking strong as hell."

Chicago doom-metal band Lord is getting into the movie business, sort of. “Rise Into the Stars,” an epic cut from the group’s 2011 self-titled debut, will appear on the soundtrack to Chicago Rot, a locally produced indie horror flick that’s in the works. Plus Lord has also licensed six songs to 2010 U.S. Pole Dance Federation champion Alethea Austin for use in two of her instructional DVDs, Alethea Austin’s Floorwork and Alethea Austin’s Sexy Fundamentals. When Austin reached out to Lord guitarist Josh Treviño, he was skeptical, so he looked her up online. “I was excited to see she was classy, artistic, independent, and fucking strong as hell,” Treviño says. “We talked on the phone, and she convinced me that she really was a metalhead, so naturally I said yes.” Treviño says the first DVD should be out by Tue 5/1, the day before Lord opens for the Melvins and Unsane at Otto’s in DeKalb.

Usually nostalgia and band reunions aren’t this Wolf’s thing, but we (that’s the royal, furry “we”) think it’s gonna be a fun throwback summer over at the Whistler. On Sun 6/24, the bar launches a monthly series called Playing Favorites, where local musicians and bands cover albums or artists that matter to them. For that first show (they’re all on Sundays so far) Netherfriends will do Harry Nilsson songs, and the trio Stirrup—for this gig, cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm, bassist Nick Macri, and drummer Charles Rumback—will play Blondie’s Parallel Lines. Sun 7/29 is Panoramic & True covering Belle and Sebastian’s twee classic The Boy With the Arab Strap and Bob Dey’s Tank Engine Man doing the first Neu! album. It’s also BDTEM’s last local show before moving to Montreal. (Hey, at least it’s not LA! Way to buck the trend, dudes!) The rest of the summer is still getting sorted, but in October White/Light and Roommate will play Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain and the Cure, respectively.

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