So Joan of Arc, the Elephant Man, and Charlie Chaplin walk into a bar . . .

Crusty local metal five-piece Doomsday includes (count ’em!) four former members of Blake Judd’s revolving-door black-metal outfit Nacht­mystium: guitarist and vocalist Jon “Necromancer” Woodring (cofounder of Usurper in 1993 and currently bassist for death-metal trio Bones), guitarist Jeff Wilson, drummer Zack Simmons, and vocalist Zion Meagher. In December 2011 the band finished recording their catastrophically heavy self-titled debut LP with Sanford Parker and Carl Byers (guitarist for Indiana doom crew Coffinworm), and it drops November 6 via Wilson’s new label, Disorder Recordings. Doomsday heads out on an east-coast tour after a record-release show at Ultra Lounge with Wolvhammer and Krieg on Fri 10/26.

Since 2010 Chicago-via-Michigan label Already Dead Tapes & Records has been releasing music by an eclectic roster that includes spastic local electronic producer Mario Gonzalez, jittery Italian garage band Panda Kid, and Codeine drummer Chris Brokaw. Its 50th release, a sampler called Dead, dropped last week, and the variety of its 22 tracks demonstrates the label’s freewheeling aesthetic. Among the standouts is a stripped-down version of the Zombies’ “This Will Be Our Year” by Indiana bedroom-pop act Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt. Dead is available on cassette and as a pay-what-you-want download from

The cover of the new self-titled LP by Joan of Arc, due November 27 on Joyful Noise Recordings, is a painting by author, artist, former cab driver, and occasional Reader contributor Dmitry Samarov. It pictures notable dudes Charlie Chaplin and the Elephant Man taking a walk, and unsurprisingly the record itself has two distinct personalities—side one is six short numbers by Tim Kinsella alone on guitar, and side two is one long minimalist track for five acoustic guitars that consists entirely of open strings and plucked harmonics. In November, Kinsella embarks on a tour of east-coast living rooms—tickets to those intimate shows are, as you might expect, very limited.

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