Rabble Rabble

Gossip Wolf loves getting gifts for the holidays, and what says giving like a free song? Nothing! Luckily local rockers Rabble Rabble have stuffed this Wolf’s stockings early this year with the raging “Cole’s Bathroom,” inspired by some nasty loo graffiti about their bassist, Matt Ciarleglio, that they found at the Logan Square club. They recently posted the song as a free Bandcamp download and shot a hilarious video for it at Cole’s. If you’re a fan of bar fights, soup, barfing, or general nonsense, then this is the video for you! Rabble Rabble are celebrating the release at the Empty Bottle on Fri 12/21 with Vamos and Magic Milk, as part of the End of the Mayan Calendar/World Apocalypse Party.

Rabble Rabble aren’t the only Chicago artists with the Mayan calendar on their minds; multipurpose arts space Experimental Sound Studio is honoring the turning of the Mayan “century” with a free 12-hour open-source drone! The Drone for the End of Time begins at noon on Fri 12/21 and continues till midnight, and if you can pick up an instrument and hold one note, you can join in. The studio asks only that you bring your own instrument (and amp and power strip if necessary) and avoid noise, sudden starts and stops, and notesy noodling. The ESS site has more info.

Local rapper and Kanye West collaborator GLC has been on a roll. So far this year he’s released a free EP (Fellowship & Congregate) and two full-length mixtapes (Cathedral and The Anti Simp), and on Friday he dropped Silence of the Lames, a monster release that includes production by Million Dollar Mano, Blended Babies, and SK plus drops from Really Doe, Bun B, and the Treated Crew. The mixtape is on DatPiff, and GLC performs at Reggie’s Rock Club on Thu 12/20. —J.R. Nelson and Leor Galil

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