Jamie and Evan West
Jamie and Evan West Credit: Courtesy Solstice Communications, Inc

On March 13 at South by Southwest, a drunk driver plowed through a police barrier and into the crowd. Four people died and more than 20 were injured, and two of the victims were former Chicagoans. Evan West and his wife, Jamie, moved to Austin a couple years ago, but from 2008 to 2010 Evan lived in Rogers Park, where he worked at the Red Line Tap and the Heartland Cafe. He suffered brain trauma, a broken leg, broken ribs, and other internal injuries; his recovery is in the early stages. Jamie died at the scene. To help with the Wests’ medical bills, funeral costs, and legal representation, family members are raising funds online—and on Thu 5/1, Evan’s old Rogers Park employers are throwing benefit shows. The Heartland Cafe hosts an all-ages gig with garage-pop band Twin Peaks, while an over-21 bill at the Red Line Tap features the Polkaholics, Red Line Disaster, and more.

This wolf got juicy news from throwback garage-pop group the Lemons, without even putting the squeeze on ’em! Next month the band will drop a split seven-inch (with Tokyo’s Teen Runnings) via Gary Records, and on May 24 they begin a 30-date tour with Portland band the Memories. To catch the Lemons before they hit the road, go to day one of the Distractions Distortions fest on Fri 4/11 at Multikulti.

Vague Music is an occasional event showcasing local sound artists, but it doesn’t appear to follow a fixed blueprint—the first two were all about improvised sets, and the third was an exhibition of commissioned ringtones. The fourth is Fri 4/11, and it’s a multiround musical challenge featuring Ben Billington (Quicksails, Tiger Hatchery), Hanna Elliott and Emma Sims (Hogg), Sam White (No Pomo), Jail Flanagan (Forced Into Femininity), Melanie Clothilde Double, and Brett Naucke. What does the competition entail? There will be judges and an audience vote, but past that it’s pretty vague. E-mail vaguemusicllc@gmail.com for info.

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