Fielded Credit: Benjy Russell

This wolf was blown away by the looks of the soundtrack for Baz Luhrmann‘s take on The Great Gatsby, which includes a cover of Amy Winehouse‘s “Back to Black” by Andre 3000 and Beyonce. It gets better: the song was produced by Chicago rap phenom and Treated Crew member Hollywood Holt! He made it before Winehouse’s death, then sold it to Andre and Bey with no clue about their plans for it—he didn’t learn that they’d used it for Gatsby till the track list came out. Holt says he won’t make money from it because it’s a cover, but it’ll pay off anyway. “This basically is the best outcome that could ever have happened with that song,” he says. In other Holt news, he’s collaborating with Chicagoan Alfonso Mayen (aka Le Fonz) on a nonrap vocal project, and he says their music is coming out on a major label.

Since peeping a captivating performance by siren-voiced synth-popper Fielded (aka Lindsay Powell) at South by Southwest, Gossip Wolf has been anxiously awaiting her sophomore album, Ninety Thirty Thirty (Captcha), due Tue 4/23. In fact, we’re so excited that we hectored Captcha into letting us debut the track “Gabrielle”—a lush, piano-driven stomper that sounds like Kate Bush fronting Genesis—on the Reader website! Fielded will play a record-release show at the Burlington on Mon 4/29 with Gel Set.

Like those Macbeth witches, Chicago dirt-rock trio Lil Tits excel at chanting raw shit in unison—and perhaps because they self-identify as “witch punk,” their music has its fair share of toil and trouble. After a few spins through the band’s new tape, Rat Mansion//Do It Til You Puke, recorded in March at Electrical Audio, we’re convinced that everyone will want to have a bit of their Frightwig-meets-Flipper wall of sludge in their future. Grab it on their Bandcamp or nab a copy when they play Record Breakers, above Reggie’s Rock Club, on Sun 4/21.

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