Dwight Twilley
Dwight Twilley Credit: Courtesy of Dwight Twilley

Gossip Wolf is “on fire” with the news that local garage label HoZac is doubling down on its love for Dwight Twilley. Not only is the Oklahoma-born power-pop genius headlining the closing night of HoZac’s annual Blackout fest at the Empty Bottle (that’d be Sun 5/19), but the label’s Archival imprint will soon release a seven-­inch of his massive jam “Shark (in the Dark).” Originally intended to follow up Twilley’s 1975 Billboard top-20 smash “I’m on Fire,” the single was shelved after his label, Shelter, decided it might look like a novelty-band cash-in because Jaws was blowing up movie screens that summer. So what if it’s almost 40 years later—if Twilley don’t mind, we sure don’t!

This Wolf isn’t the only crate digger poppin’ to local funk and R&B imprint Cherries Records—the label, which launched last year, posted a photo to Facebook recently of A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip with one of its records! Cofounder Sheila Hernando (aka Shred One) says Q-Tip is friends with her business partner, Andrew Brearley (aka Meaty Ogre), and swung by Cherries HQ while he was in town DJing a birthday party for artist Hebru Brantley. In the pic he’s holding Cherries’ first release, a seven-inch Brearley made as Cermakk with south-side soul singer Doug Shorts. Hernando says the label is releasing more Shorts material this month: “It’s two songs he wrote back in the late 80s, which we just modernized a little.”

Chicago death-metal four-piece Terminate are parting ways with bassist Alfred Mulle after they wrap up their spring tour at Ultra Lounge on Fri 5/17 with midwestern metal allies Wolvhammer and Fin (and headliners Glorior Belli from France). Mulle will be spending more time on his metal-friendly design firm, Demonic Designs, and there’s no word yet who’ll replace him. We hope Terminate will be back—their latest album, Ascending to Red Heavens, is a bolt-throwing ripper.

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