Griffin Rodriguez
Griffin Rodriguez Credit: Jim Newberry

This wolf is sad to report that LA-slash-Chicago bassist and producer Griffin Rodriguez (Icy Demons, Bablicon, the Shape Shoppe) got in a serious bike accident last week, which put him in the hospital with brain and neck injuries. He’s able to talk and his condition is improving daily, but he’s got a lot of rehabilitation and possibly more surgery ahead—and he’s going to need help covering his enormous medical bills. Fortunately a friend has already launched a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for Rodriguez; you can chip in at

Chicago indie-rock quartet Oshwa made instant converts of Gossip Wolf in February, when they posted two YouTube performance videos of their complicated, jazzy songs. Fans of dextrous, impeccably performed pop a la Dirty Projectors will enjoy the swelling, swirling voices and stop-start riffs of guitarists Alicia Walter and Michael Mac—it seems like we’ve been waiting for Oshwa’s debut album, Chamomile Crush, since forever! Local label Naked Ally releases it on LP and CD on Thu 8/8, and that night the band plays a release show at Quenchers (with the Para-medics, Shiloh, and Options) before heading out on a tour of the eastern U.S. and Canada.

There were plenty of celebrities to spot at Lollapalooza—Tim Meadows watched Chance the Rapper with one of his kids, for instance, and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul caught Steve Aoki being Steve Aoki. But this wolf’s fave sighting was actually a local dude: pop singer Nick Newlin, aka Yen Tech. Newlin was originally going to perform with experimental production duo Supreme Cuts, but when their computer crashed, Chicago R&B group Jody took over, owning the stage with the help of The-Drum’s Brandon Boom and “new wavy” rapper Kit. Newlin hung out toward the back, dashing this wolf’s hopes that he’d do a cut off his recent Revengeance mixtape—maybe next year!

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